What is the process like?

A collaboration between the Delia Shades and the client to create a personalized shade for your project.


How much will this cost? How long will the project take?

Unlike other shade companies, each shade is printed custom to match the pattern to the dimensions of your window. Windows vary in size—please complete a quote form and we will estimate a price within a day.

Once you’ve chosen a pattern, we can make your custom shades within two weeks.


How will my shades be installed?

We provide standard chain-and-clutch roller shade hardware, which can be mounted easily inside or outside the frame of a window with two simple brackets. We can also provide motorized fixtures.


What needs to be measured? How do I measure it?

How you measure will depend on where you plan to mount the shades.

Most shades are mounted inside the frame. For an inside mount, you’ll want to measure the width of space within the window frame. Make sure to measure at the top where the brackets will be mounted—not all windows are square! The height is less crucial, since the shades will roll up and down, but measure within the frame.

French doors, sliding doors, and some windows need an outside mount. In this case, choose a width slightly wider than the glass so that light won’t leak through the sides. Please make sure to tell us that you’re mounting outside so that we can cut appropriately. When measuring height, please go a little above the glass to leave room for the fixture.


Will people be able to see through my windows?

Not if you don’t want them to! All solar shades provide daytime privacy. Since our shades are decorative, we recommend the most open materials for daytime use. When nighttime privacy is important, we can add a blackout shade, which can be easily mounted together with the day shade.


Which colors can I choose from?

Here are a few guidelines: